About Korrinn

14910424_10154215757246731_4308060181407516980_nKorrinn grew up in Dedham and moved to Natick where she resides with her husband Scott and their two daughters, Harper and Camryn.  She married Scott in June of 2011 and they welcomed their first child in August of 2013 and second in July 2017.

Korrinn works full time in the Aquatics field.  She spends most of her time by a pool since she also teaches lessons in the summer at her home.  Since becoming a mom, Korrinn spends her time trying to keep her children alive, doing super fun house chores, and attempting to see her husband every once in a blue moon since they are ships passing in the night most days.  Korrinn is obsessed with Pinterest and Scott thanks his lucky stars it wasn’t as popular when they got married.  However, it is very popular now and he pays for it (literally) when it is time for their kid’s birthday parties. Korrinn is typically pimped out to help with her friends’ party décor, centerpieces for banquets and other functions at work.

Korrinn loves reality tv too much and decided to part ways and get rid of cable this past year. The thought of losing more brain cells from crap tv and on top of mommy brain was just too much loss for her to handle.  Korrinn loves Amazon prime and Target (like most moms).  She despises typos, toilet paper rolls that are on incorrectly, people chewing loudly, and ignorant people.  Korrinn also tells it like it is and swears (a lot).  For this upcoming year, she will be trying to focus on balancing mommy time without the mommy guilt and finding a little bit more of her old self; hence the reason for blogging.