So, we are doing this blogging thing!


During my first pregnancy I wanted to start blogging. Blogging about the joys of motherhood, the ups and downs of being a new parent, working full-time, and just trying to figure out the meaning of life.  I figured I could squeeze in a blog post or two after nursing or when I was just up staring at my baby to make sure she was still breathing in the wee hours of the night.  I thought I at least had some time.  But really, who was I kidding?  I didn’t even have time to pee let alone keep up with a website.  Now, fast forward almost 4 years later. Pregnant for the second time, have an almost 4 year old, still have the same items on my plate if not more and I decide, let’s blog Korrinn.  What a great idea.  Well, here I am.  Blogging.

I came up with fatigued and fabulous for a name because I am forever wishing I got more sleep from the night before.  The vicious non sleep cycle of a mom continues to wreck havoc on my body.  That is basically where the fabulous part came in to play also. I am in awe of how moms can operate on a fairly high functioning level after having minimal hours of sleep. Except in the early newborn stages. Let’s be real, that it a fucking disaster and you aren’t keeping anything together. But in all honesty, until becoming a mom I didn’t know how awesome we all are. The things we manage, juggle, fix, do, etc. is incredible.

Have you ever heard of the mental load?  If you haven’t, take a second and google it. Basically moms are like computers and have about 50 billion browsers open at all times. There is rarely an off switch or pause sequence and you just keep going and going until you attempt to shut everything down at night.  Right, that time of day where you hop in to bed and just fall right to sleep.  Don’t know about you, but that is when I do my best ‘crazy’ thinking. What should I pack Harper for lunch tomorrow, what will the weather be like, is it a swim lesson day or gym day, when was the last time I took a shower?  It just never stops.

In the midst of all of the crazy, I decided that I needed to find a small piece of my life again before having kids. To stop with the inner mom guilt and try and do something for myself. So, here I am…doing this blogging thing.

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