Attitude of Gratitude

Let’s talk support systems, shall we?

I am very lucky to have my family living close by. What’s even more unique is that when you go to visit one family member you can basically (should you choose) visit all of them since they live on the same street. Just think Everybody Loves Raymond!

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my support system. My tribe of people made up of family and friends who just get me. They understand your insecurities and all that you come with.

I have been wanting to highlight the people in my life who have been my support system through the years. This is in no particular order. I have two sisters so seriously in no particular order, you two!

Scott-My husband who knows when I just say the words “ya, I’m fine” or “mmhm”; I am really not okay. He makes me laugh on a daily basis with the things that come out of his mouth. In addition to all of the funny things he says, he matches it with hilarious antics. I mean, who dumps an entire unbrewed Kcup into his already made coffee and then says it doesn’t seem right? Scott does.

He is so laid back which is helpful for our lives since I am the more intense partner in our marriage. He brings a sense of balance and calmness to our home. He is so good with our kids and even though he really wanted a boy, I think he is quite suited to be a daddy of two girls. He is one of the hardest workers I know and supports his girls always.

Dad-My dad is known as Grumpy to the grandkids. Why?, because he is just that; grumpy. But don’t let the name fool you. He will pretend he doesn’t enjoy all of us and the grandkids coming over because we eat all of his food and ice cream, or move his security cameras (it is like Fort Knox over their side of Everybody Loves Raymondville). Deep down, we know he wouldn’t want it any other way. He is insanely handy and helps all of us out whenever we need it. We just have to get through the first initial stage of him bitching and then we are good to go! Dad is our clutch player who always knows were everyone is and when needed he always comes through. Always.

Sorry I outed your soft side to my 92 blog followers, Daddio.

Kerin-She is our family nurse (whether she likes it or not) and tends to get all of those amazing questions like, “is this rash anything you’ve seen before?” or “does this look infected to you?” You can tell when she gets annoyed with my irrational and obsessive questions because she just goes radio silent via text (and claims she fell asleep). I’m on to you, girl. Kerin and I didn’t get along much when we were growing up. Who the hell am I kidding? Didn’t get along is a nice way of putting it. We basically loathed one another. I am so thankful (and blessed) that we found more things in common and are able to connect about the amazing journey of motherhood. I look up to her as a mother and love how she takes care of my kids as if they were her own.

Kaley-The bond I have with Kal has always been strong since her birth.  She was the baby of the family and I was always super protective over her (and still am). We have crazy esp and share the same love for trashy tv and ridiculous movies like Drop Dead Fred. Kaley tells it like it is. You can always turn to her when you need help or an honest opinion.

She is the fun aunt. You know, the one who buys your kids drum sets for the holidays. Exactly, THAT aunt. Her nieces and nephews get so excited when they hang out with her. She is the one running after them, teaching them crazy phrases and silly noises, and giving them piggy back rides everywhere.

Nick-My brother in law is a quiet member. So quiet that sometimes I don’t even know he is in the room. The poor guy never has his house to himself. One of us tends to be over all the damn time.  We often call him Switzerland. He never wants to get in the middle of our crazy drama when there is such. Believe me, there is always some form of drama happening between all of us but he is the one that just tells us to stop the madness and just get along.

Amy-She is my person. She’s the one that leaves work and goes grocery shopping for her friend who can’t manage to leave the house with a newborn. (And if her partners at work are reading this, she definitely didn’t leave work in the above noted scenario. She did all of that on the weekend). She has always been on my side. Always. With no hesitation. However, she will tell me when I’m in the wrong. Our friendship knows no limits and I am so very lucky to have her in my life.

Mom-She is the person you call when you are having a panic attack in the middle of the night. Even though she has to get up to go to work in 3 hours she sits with you on the phone diverting your attention to make it go away. She is the one standing beside you when both of your children are born. She is the one who challenges you when you are wrong. She is the one who makes you a better person. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”.

The “it takes a village saying” is around for a reason. Especially when referring to raising children. You want to open your circle wide especially to those who will put your children first above anything else. Above is my village of people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We aren’t able to pick our family, but I am forever grateful for the one that was picked for me.

2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Ya know, tears are presenting themselves for my viewing pleasure (thank god I’m alone) right now and I truly do not appreciate it. BUT! Awesome post, great way to let your village know their value is insurmountable. You my wordsmith never hesitate to put credit where credit is due and wear love on your sleeve and for that I thank you.


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